About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why Us.

Commencing its investments with the motto 'Quality is the Key for every door', our professional working team that is assembled for transformer production, maintenance and repair, and our Senior Staff which incorporates all types of technical faculties, have assumed their place in the industry within a professional business line.

Our Mission.

Meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through constant improvement and customer interaction.

Furthermore, transformers with any required specifications can be custom designed by our R&D department and produced.

What we Do.

We would like to become the world leader by creating value for customers, driving quality and environmental care, working with energy, passion and respect of individuals.

Our vision to create technology by realizing our production utilizing the up to date, modern machinery and putting alike technology into service.

Your Partner in Transformer Sector


The company was founded in Şanlıurfa in 2006, in order to operate in domains of electricity, engineering, consultancy and commitments.

ATEŞTRAFO® ensures transformer product on pursuant to demands of clients and dealers apart from the brands with in the body of ATEŞ TRAFO Transformatör Sanayi and Ticaret Ltd. Sti. , and continues its industrial and commercial activities via dealers in many countries across the globe.

The company has formed many teams of specialist individuals, gathering together machinery, fittings and all other equipment’s with its own equity, and thus maintained its substantial progression towards the intended quality. It has now become a young, professional and dynamic corporation that embraces true quality at every phase of production, sales and after sales processes.

The company continues to operate without sacrificing its principles pursuant to corporate objectives in order to contribute directly or indirectly to national economy and to place its brand in global positive orbit.

Furthermore, transformers with any required specifications can be custom designed by our R&D department and produced.

اتاش محولات الكهربائية - References

Domestic References
SYRIA 100 /pcs 1000 KVA
BAGHDAD 100 /pcs 400 KVA
IRAQ 100 /pcs 630 KVA
JORDAN 2 /pcs 5 KVA
IRAQ 80 /pcs 400 KVA
JORDAN 50 /pcs 630 KVA
AFGHANISTAN 20 /pcs 1600 KVA
IRAQ 3500 /pcs Various Power Ratings
IRAQ 00 /pcs Various Power Ratings
PALESTINE 30 /pcs Various Power Ratings
IRAQ 2 /pcs 7 MVA - 4,5 MVA
JORDAN 2 /pcs 250 KVA
NIGERIA 50 /pcs Various Power Ratings IRAQ 7 /pcs 16 MVA
Foreign References
Malzeme Yon Dairesi ANKARA
Bogazici Edas ISTANBUL
Toroslar Edas ANTALYA
Orhaneli Edas KASTAMONU
Yildizlar Elektrik ANKARA
Girisim Elektrik ANKARA
Guven Elektrik ANKARA