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Our standard production is focused on 25 kVA-50 MVA, oil cooled (ONAN – ONAF – HERMETIC) internal and external transformers.

Since the day of its establishment, the ATEŞ TRANSFORMER FACTORY has embraced production quality and customer satisfaction as its mission. The company aims to become a global player by attaining its most important goal of continually expanding of its portfolio of export clientele.

The primary voltage of our standard production is 6,3 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV - 33 kV and 36 kV. These transformers are off-circuit tap changers, 3,4,5 and 7 tap transformers. For on-load tap changers, the intervals of the taps and the starting-ending values can be designed correlating to requirements.

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In distribution transformers, high voltage and low voltage windings are winded by means of appropriate winding techniques for related current and voltage conditions, and using round and profile electrolytic copper, high quality insulating paper and transfer board materials. high and Low voltage windings are resistant against atmospheric shockwaves, and the cylinder layer is in winding form.

Mechanical compressions are applied against short-circuit dynamic forces. Sufficient axial and radial channels are ensured for cooling the windings.

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ATEŞ TRAFO winding


The core of transformer is made of cold rolled and grain oriented silicon coil. The core is made up of electrical silicon coils of ZDHK, MOH, M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5 quality levels depending on the no-load losses demanded by customer.

These sheets are slit via zero burring and they are cut in accordance to modern cut-to-length machines. It is possible to form the cores in every form such as step-lap, over lap, 90° cut, perforated and imperforated.

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Transformer tanks and covers are produced of medium steel. On tank surfaces of Distribution Transformers, wave wall panels function as cooler also. The lower part of the tank is integrated by means of connecting the walls and frames. Aside from this, it is possible to use several slices and radiator groups as cooling surface. In the transformers up to 4000 KVA, wave wall panel can also be used as cooler. Each tank, the welding works on which is completed, undergoes pressure test before painting. In case of any faulty welding, it is perceived and the contact fault is corrected.

Each cover and tank, whose craftsmanship is over, is subject to grinding. The standard grinding procedure in use complies with DIN norm. If the customer has detail on grinding or a special request, it will be ensured. Upon request, it is possible to coat the tanks by means of hot-dip galvanized method. Depending on customer request, it is possible to implement a protection box constructed by plates compliant with ICE 144 STD, and the coating by mountable covers or cables on lateral surfaces of transformer pursuant to BS2562..

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ATEŞ TRAFO tank trafo


Once their product on is over, the tanks are painted with spray. Standard paint ng consists of one undercoat, and two layers of topcoat. Total f lm thickness s not below 105μ. Standard transformer color RAL7033, which is called as cement gray. Upon customer request, it’s possible to paint them in different structures (like zinc- plat ng), thicknesses and color codes.

The active parts of transformer (Core + Co l) are dried n drying kilns that operate under high vacuum. Drying process is carried out with in the frame of a program which is formed depending on voltage and power. Oil filling is carried out under vacuum..

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  • Oil Level Indicator: In transformers with an expansion tank open to atmosphere, the magnet functioning oil level indicators are used to track and check oil levels in expansion tank. Magnetic oil level indicators can have double or single electrical contact. Contact oil level indicators alert the unexpected sudden changes in oil level in form of warning and opening signals. If required, prismatic oil level gauges can also be installed.
  • Dehumidifier: It is present in transforms with an expansion tank open to atmosphere, and mounted on expansion tank. By means of silica gel within, it absorbs the dust and moisture in the air, and enhances the operating safety of transformer. Silica gel amount varies in accordance to the oil amount within transformer.
  • Oil Temperature Indicator: It is possible to check and track transformer oil upper temperature by means of thermometers installed in thermometer pockets on the cover or lateral surfaces of tank. Thermometers of none, double or single electrical contact with maximum indicator can be applied. Contact thermometers issue warning and opening signals in case the heat in transformer exceeds the stipulated values.
  • Buchholz: Gas Collecting and Warning Relay This relay collects the gases formed by low and high density discharges and arcs to occur within transformer. Relays can be of double or single contact. Warning and opening signals can be acquired depending on the amount of gas accumulated in relay. Thus, it ensures that the defect within transformer is noticed prior to any serious damage. Besides, in case the oil level decreases, due to any reason, so as not to fill completely the relay, the latter alerts such situation via warning signal.
  • Hermetic Protective Relay: It is used in hermetic transformers completely closed to atmosphere. It is applied in transformers with a power equal or above 630 KVA. It is a single relay that incorporates oil level indicator, temperature indicator, Buchholz relay, as well as extra pressure relay.
  • Winding Temperature Thermometer: It is used in power transformers. It gives the temperature to occur on windings in correlation to current temperature relation depending on the current passing on windings. It issues alarm or opening signal depending on the prescribed temperature value.
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