We continuously improve our production standards by complying with international quality management systems.
Why choose Us?

Quality Policy.Because we are Reliable.

In order to guarantee our future, we have to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. Our products and after-sales services are provided pursuant to conditions and schedules prescribed in advance with the customers..

Why choose Us?

Development.To Redefine your Brand.

The development of transformer technology is ensured by coordination of experienced employees within ATEŞTRAFO®. Our current software assesses customer requests and carries out economic and technical optimization..

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

Contributing to our country’s economy through expanding our current production of transformers which is approximately 400 transformers per month by a minimum of 20% each year and to export approximately 80% of our production..


Furthermore, our R&D department can design special type transformers.

Production of Distribution Transformers.


Production of Power Transformers.


Transformer Repair and Maintenance.

Our quality policy.

As the ATEŞ TRAFO San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Personnel, our aspiration to have customers that prefer and appreciate our products. Thus, our mission is to achieve the highest possible quality standards in production.

ATEŞ TRAFO produces power transformers with a power capacity of 4 MVA-50 MVA in voltages from 3,3 kV to 36 kV on both sides, which can be custom designed according to the project at hand as on-load tap changers or off-circuit tap changers with (ONAN) or forced (ONANONAF) cooling systems.

Our standard production is focused on 25 kVA-50 MVA, oil cooled (ONAN – ONAF – HERMETIC) internal and external transformers. The primary voltage of our standard production is 6,3 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV - 33 kV and 36 kV. These transformers are off-circuit tap changers, 3,4,5 and 7 tap transformers. For on-load tap changers, the intervals of the taps and the starting-ending values can be designed correlating to requirements.

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ATEŞ TRAFO quality
ATEŞ TRAFO quality


  • Meeting and exceeding customer demands and expectations without making any compromising from quality, meeting their demands in correlation with their products and services while keeping the environmental impact of our production to a minimum.
  • Increasing product quality by closely monitoring technological advances and eliminating or minimizing the potential environmental impact of our activities.
  • Ensuring the participation of all personnel in the development process of the quality and environmental systems and planning for set targets and evaluation.
  • Preventing pollution by minimizing wastes that are created in parallel to continuous development.
  • Adhering to appertaining legislations, administrative regulations and legal provisions related to the environment and quality
  • Ensuring the continuity of quality and environmental trainings, being respectful to the environment and leaving behind a decent environment for upcoming generations are some of our main goals.
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