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The shipment of transformers that exceed a certain power rating is made when the transformers are empty and with their radiators/panels disassembled. Furthermore, the humidified oil in the radiators determined through the tests conducted have to be dried from time to time. This procedure is conducted on-site for small transformers to avoid downtime. The mobile on-site services are preferred by small transformers for their advantages and are preferred by larger transformers out of necessity.

Procedures conducted by mobile service vehicles:

1. Assembly disassembly
2. Fixing oil leaks
3. Ratio tests
4. Resistance tests
5. Maintenance of the automatic exchange, change of taps
6. Painting, Cleaning of the transformers
7. Oil tests

ATEŞ TRAFO quality
ATEŞ TRAFO quality


Transformers that are up to nominal voltage of 40-2000 kVa merged in our production area through Degree Converter either under load or free from load.

-Single-phase or three-phase,
-Oil Immersed (mineral or silicon or incombustible oil),
-Natural cooling (ONAN),
-Forced cooling (ONAN/ONAF),
-Those with expansion tank exposed to Atmosphere,
-Hermetic ones which are fully close to Atmosphere,
-Hermetical with gas cushion,
-Those with idle degree converter or degree converter under load,
-Those with cable box or drum,
-Those with porcelain insulator or epoxy resin insulator


We manufacture three-phase and single-phase, oil immersed transformers that are designed for use in continuous operations at outdoor and indoor places, up to an ambient temperature of 50°C (In our standard production, the ambient temperature is considered as 40°C). Distribution transformers of 25-25000 kVa within our product range possess required rated voltage and ONAN cooling system. Ordinary distribution transformers; the ones up to a power of 25-25000 kVa, with oil conservator, and power transformers with a rated power up to 25-25000 kVa with load or no-load tap changers are within our product range.


All routine tests envisaged by the standards are individually applied to all Transformers that are produce in order to control manufacturing and design. Test criteria are given in standards. Special tests and type tests are administered whenever requested by the customers. Routine tests are conducted in line with IEC recommendations (or other manufacturing standards).


All our products are manufactured in line with demand, specification of customer and industry standards. High Quality and Performance
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